Vinod “Vin” Gupta is a man who was not going to let his life circumstances dictate whether he would succeed in life or not. He used his smarts, along with a strong education to create his own reality of wealth, success, and happiness. Vin Gupta’s story is inspiring to say the least.

Mr. Vin Gupta attended the Indian Institutes of Technology where he pursued a agricultural engineering degree. Several years later, Vinod won a scholarship to a college in the United States. Vin Gupta earned a Master’s degree in business and agricultural engineering at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. His first job after finishing his schooling was at a mobile home manufacturing company

During this job, Vinod Gupta would come up with a brilliant idea for a company. His boss told him to come up with a list of mobile home manufacturers in the United States, but it was a long drawn out process. This was Mr. Gupta’s time to shine, and he put his entrepreneurial spirit to work. He crafted a list that he would later turn into a $680 million dollar business. This initially took a $100 bank loan and a lot of hard work.

Since selling the growing company, Vinod has gone on to bigger and better opportunities. Vin Gupta is the Managing General Partner of Everest Group. This company specializes in helping technology database companies thrive. This may come by consulting them, providing them with financial capital, or in the acquisition of their company. This means making tough choice on his part.

One of the toughest business decisions he made recently was on whether to take on certain clients/companies or not. This comes from a lot of companies that are struggling and need some help to become success. This takes a certain amount of risk on Mr. Vin Gupta’s part. Get Related Information Here.


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