Vinod Gupta was born in a small, poor village in India on July 4, 1946. He would graduate from college (I.I.T., Kharagpur in 1967 with a degree in agricultural engineering. After graduation, he accepted a graduate assistantship in the Department of Agricultural Engineering at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.


He stayed there until 1971 when he earned his Master’s degree in Business Administration. After leaving the university, Vinod became a marketing research analyst at Commodore Corporation a mobile home manufacturer in Omaha, Nebraska.


It was here that one of Vinod Gupta’s responsibilities was getting a list of every mobile home dealer in the U.S. To accomplish this project, he purchased existing lists from business list companies around at this time. They were all woefully outdated. He, therefore, started collecting phone books from around the country and started compiling a brand new list. It was at this time that he decided this was a thing that needed to be done consistently since A) the lists were constantly becoming out of date with new closures and openings, and B) such lists were always in demand by various companies. Go Here for more information.


At the beginning, he had a very limited budget, but all of the phone books were free. When Gupta and his boss completed the massive project, he gave Commodore the option of purchasing exclusive rights to the list for $9,000 or getting it for free and allowing him to shop it out to other companies as well. They chose to get it free. This proved to be beneficial for Gupta since many other companies did immediately order thousands of dollars in his product.


Gupta officially started his own company Business Research Services & American Business Lists, in 1972. Gupta officially quit working for Commodore in 1973. Since its founding, Gupta’s company has started making lists for many other companies.


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