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Back ups

So I went to New Orleans last spring and copied on my three external back up drives each days events got home and downloaded on to my main computer . But one day months later  I noticed that one of my days was not on my main computer.

Since then I had sold most of my old back up system and switched to the G dock nice system my drives were gone physically except for one and it was the one I never took out again. I looked up and the one day that was missing was there. Always have multiple back ups and save one out you never know.

Happy Birhtday Kris

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Prince RIP

Prince in a surpirse visit with Sheila E at the Ritz  ©David Seelig ph 2087209368 0002.JPG


Prince RIP

Prince Austin Texas 1985 ©David Seelig ph 2087209368 32.JPG

Merle Haggard RIP

Merle Haggard July 3 1983

Merle Haggard July 3 1983 at the Wille Nelson fourth of July Picnic at the Meadowlands in New Jersey.

Canon Pixma Pro 1 Crippled by software

This printer makes wonderful images one huge problem printing out of photoshop does not seem to work so you have to use Canon Pixma Pro plug in and this software is the first software I have used that I truly hate not dislike hate. A year after I have had this printer I still find new things that make me wast paper ink. I do not like Epson [rinters they do not work well in a dry climate but this thing is crippled by this software I will;l never buy a Canon printer again.