Neurocore is foundational to the field of applied neuroscience. The company is on the cutting edge of research into cognitive therapy. Neurocore is staffed with individuals that are committed to the work that they do 100%. The company was founded in 2004 as a solution to the mental health problems that plague people as they suffer through the challenges of modern-day living. Now that the company has seen such exponential growth they are able to reach clients on a grander scale. They have only expanded to nine locations within the Michigan and Florida areas, but they have plans on reaching more clients every day. With the Neurocore staff members, clients are able to take hold of their own lives and make decisions about their mental health care. They have become empowered to take the steps necessary to change their lives. Read more about Neurocore at

Neurocore begins their sessions by assessing the individual clients as they come in for care. Different clients need different levels of care. Their standard care programs include 30 sessions. These sessions are neurofeedback and biofeedback related. The biofeedback sessions are somewhat easy to understand. Clients are coached by a professional at Neurocore on breathing techniques. While these breathing techniques can be important in stressful situations it is also paramount to overall mental health. Clients that are not engaged in deep breathing on a consistent basis can develop negative mental consequences. In fact, it is said that that more than 20% of each breath that the client takes is allocated for brain function. This means that when a person only takes shallow breaths they are depriving their brain of much-needed oxygen.


The neurofeedback sessions are more focus on subconscious correction than something that the client will directly do. This method has more science behind it and requires the use of an EEG machine. During this procedure, the client is placed in a room and shown a short video series. They watch the series like normal but if for any reason their brain waves spike during the session the movie is supposed to be paused. Eventually the brain learns that when it spikes the movie will pause. This will allow the brain to assess the behavior and correct itself. The science that is going on at Neurocore is truly impressive. Visit to know more about Neurocore.